A1 World Combat Cup: The Champions League of Fighting

This year 2017 mixed martial arts and kickboxing fighters will compete in to the World Combat Cup. The A1 WCC introduces a spectacular concept which athletes can place them selves in a four-qualification tournament for the finals in one of the major venues in the Netherlands. During this unique event, the kickboxers will compete for the A1 World Combat Cup. The MMA fighters duel to the MMA1 World Combat Cup. There is a prize of € 165,000!bum1

Concept A1 World Combat Cup

The mix of kickboxing and MMA fights in a Champions League model makes this concept exciting, unique and powerful. This will have a great attraction to the world-class fighters. The organization will not spend huge amounts to starting money but will reward the fighters with a solid, transparent and structure system for their achievements. The four qualifiers will be held in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the final will be in one of the major venues in the Netherlands. The first two qualifiers are scheduled: March 25 in Bochum, Germany and May 13, 2017 in Eindhoven.

A1 WCC tournament

Every qualification tournament there will be two heavyweight kickboxing pools. In both pools four fighters will fight two matches. The winner of the group goes to the final in December. The fighters who lose are disabled. In the heavyweight kickboxing matches there will be eight winners who will compete in the finals for the A1 World Combat Cup, including the prize pool of € 110,000. The final will also be fought in a knockout system and starts with a quarter-final, a semi-final and eventually the final. bum3The winner must win three matches for the title.

MMA1 WCC tournament

Within the MMA part there is also a qualification round in every group with four MMA fighters with the weight category of -70 kg. And again, only the winner will qualify for the finals in December. In these four qualification rounds there are four winners. Through the same knockout system the four winners will compete in the finals for the MMA1 Combat World Cup and the prize pool of € 55,000.

History A1 World Combat Cup

The brothers Ali and Suleyman Gunyar began organizing martial arts events in 2001. And since 2010 under the name A1 World Combat Cup (A1 WCC). The events are becoming very accessible for the public despite of the hard fights, there is a relaxed and cozy atmosphere and a impressive entourage. Until now most of the events took place, in consultation with the town council, in Eindhoven. Due to the rapidly growing popularity of the sport, the positive image of the A1 WCC events, a large network within the international martial arts world and the enormous talent the brothers Ali and Suleyman have in their gym there is room for the A1 WCC organization and events to bring them to the ’next level‘. The brothers want to create a leading global brand with a distinctive concept in relation to the UFC and Glory!

Partners A1 WWC organization

To take the next step the organization began looking for additional partners. They found them in Southfields and EventBroker. Southfields is a sports TV producer and bum2
active since 2002 and one of the leading sports content and media organizations in the Netherlands. With Southfields on board manufacturing and media expertise embedded within A1 WCC. EventBroker is an experienced sports sponsorship / -marketing office and made recently the stop-over of the Volvo Ocean Race in Scheveningen to a great commercial success. EventBroker is responsible for commerce around the A1 WCC.